Villa Gokbel is located on the south-west coast of Turkey (map A). Just 8 km away Dalyan town,which is situated on a river running from Koycegiz lake and reaching the Meditterenean sea with a big delta (map B). The villa is on the cliff-edge of Sulungur Lake and is just 2 kms away from the worldwide famous beach of turtles (caretta-caretta's)-Iztuzu Beach.

Dalaman Airport (map B), one of the biggest airports of Turkey is just 20 minutes away from the villa by car. Everyday there are several flights from İstanbul (all in-coming guest's first stop) to Dalaman Airport.For just 30 euros one way can reach the villa from the airport.

First come to Ortaca, then the DALYAN, take to İZTUZU BEACH way and after 8 km. at the right side you will see the VİLLA GOKBEL signe, turn the right after 450 meter the way will go two side, turn the right again and after 50 meter you will arrive to the Villa, if you have a difficulty please call to; + 90 532 2138321

The villa can be reached in 8 hours from Ankara (capital of Turkey) and is only 3.5 hours driving from Izmir (2nd biggest port)

There are many historical sites that you can visit around Villa Gokbel.Lycian and Carian civilizations flourished here(700 - 300 BC) and the closest site is the ancient city of Carians named Caunos, with a theatre that can sit 1500 people. Surrounded by city walls there is an acropolis, four temples, an agora, etc. Thesses Tombs are the resting places of the Carian kings. They can be openly seen when you are in Dalyan town. The tombs and Caunos is reachable if you take a boat across the river and walk for 10 minutes. There are also many historical sites and ancient cities nearby.




Villa Gokbel is a place of peace and tranquillity with wonderful panoramic views of the lake, delta, sea and the green forest.